Skybox Realty has extensive experience in listing and selling properties, allowing us to effectively advise our clients throughout the selling process. Our sellers historically average higher sales prices than similar units marketed by the competition.
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    First Meeting

    During the first meeting we discuss the pros and cons of your home, listen to your requirements, provide our general and unique insights into marketing strategy, the market conditions, and overall trends in SF, and go over the basics of the selling process.

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    Prep Home

    We will discuss how to best prepare your home to highlight its unique features. This will include the benefits of painting, repairs, photography, and staging when applicable. We will also note reports and disclosure items needed to sell the property at this time.

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    Pricing Strategy

    Using comparative market analysis and current market conditions coupled with your personal requirements and time frame we will establish the best pricing strategy for your home.

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    Marketing Strategy

    We combine a variety of traditional and digital marketing channels with well designed content to ensure that information about your property is thoughtfully and aesthetically presented to the largest potential pool of buyers.

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    As offers begin to come in, we will help you weed through options and negotiate with potential buyers when necessary.

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    Once a contract is ratified, we will manage the escrow process, complete paperwork, and make sure all contingencies are removed in a timely fashion to ensure a successful close of escrow.

What is escrow?

Escrow is a third party that handles the details of a transaction from the time a contract is ratified until title and deed are transferred to the buyer. Escrow handles temporary deposits and transfers of funds and documents until all terms of the contract are fulfilled. Length of an escrow is written into the terms of the contract and average between 30 and 45 days.

Are there costs involved in selling a home?

Each home is different and costs will vary, but those thinking of selling must consider several common costs in selling a property. These include possible staging/painting/small repair fees to prep the home for selling, real estate commission that is not fixed by law and is generally written into the Listing Agreement negotiated by the seller and the seller’s agent, and any closing costs or expenses. Closing costs vary depending on each contract but can include items such as inspections, transfer taxes, recording fees, notary fees, tax pro-rations, among others.

Pre-listing Preparation

– Interior Design Consultation & Staging
– Advantageous Pricing from Preferred Vendors
– We work and schedule with vendors to prepare your home
– We provide home improvement maintenance by our licensed contractor and handyman

We help with Disclosure Packages and schedule inspections

Each home is different and costs and necessary reports will vary. We will help you determine what inspections and reports are needed.


– Professional, high-end photography
– Professional quality videos, if appropriate
– Full-color, multi-page listing brochures
– Online Marketing
– Advertisements in prominent local newspapers
– Marketing to Mandarin-speaking community

Brick & Mortar Sales Gallery

We have 3000sf of ground floor commercial space conveniently located at 1st and Folsom to market and sell your home.

Broker Tours/Open Houses

We host various Broker Tours and Open Houses until your property sells