1. First Meeting

During the first meeting we will give you an overview of the San Francisco real estate market, listen to your requirements, and go over the general buying process.


2. Pre-Approval

Banks and lenders can assess your loan options based on price and time-frame. Often having a pre-approval letter when making an offer can make you appear more desirable to sellers to ensure an on-time close of escrow.


3. Gather Data / Touring

To better understand your specific needs and wants in a property, we go on a overall tour of available units to gather data. This allows us to more accurately predict properties you would like to see in the future and streamline the whole buying process.


4. Find A Home

We will help you find a home that matches all your needs and requirements.


5. Make An Offer

To secure your home, we will help you to structure a fair yet strategic offer. Once the seller responds, we will discuss options and, if necessary, negotiate with the Seller on your behalf.


6. Escrow

Once a contract is ratified, we will manage the escrow process, complete paperwork, and make sure all contingencies are removed in a timely fashion to ensure a successful close of escrow.

What is escrow?

Escrow is a third party that handles the details of a transaction from the time a contract is ratified until title and deed are transferred to the buyer. Escrow handles temporary deposits and transfers of funds and documents until all terms of the contract are fulfilled. Length of an escrow is written into the terms of the contract and average between 30 and 45 days.”

What costs are involved in buying a home?

Common costs in purchasing a home are the initial down payment of the purchase price, inspection costs, and closing costs that may include escrow fees, transfer taxes, prorated mortgage interest, real estate taxes, among others. Time is also a cost factor when buying a home, as often it may take several months and days of touring to find the perfect house.