Skybox Realty is a boutique residential real estate brokerage firm specializing in luxury San Francisco living. Whether you’re looking to sell your home, invest in real estate, or buy your first home, Skybox Realty offers a compelling range of real estate services designed to help you obtain your goals.

Why Skybox Realty?

  • Expert knowledge of the Rincon Hill, SOMA, South Beach, Yerba Buena and Mission Bay neighborhoods
  • Detailed and proven marketing expertise to sell your property for its maximum potential
  • Proven track record of effective negotiating
  • Long list of satisfied clients

Dedicated to Our Valued Clients

Skybox Realty stands by its commitment to service and complete customer satisfaction.

The Skybox Realty Team is fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Farsi, and Spanish.

Paul Hwang

Principal Broker

DRE. 01371169
P. 415.216.8746

Vi Pavlicevich

Top Producer, Partner Broker

DRE. 01906246
P. 415.828.1114

Jessica Keenan

Top Producer, Partner Broker

DRE. 01417050
P. 415.722.6863

Kalina Kheirolomoom

Creative Director & Project Manager

P. 650.483.7299

Lynette Douangvongsa

Operations Manager & Sales Associate

DRE. 02178137
P. 415.271.2368

Heather Drummond

Sales & Leasing Associate

DRE. 01961041
P. 415.500.5080

Bradley Yasuhara

Sales & Leasing Associate

DRE. 02167488
P. 408.893.4630

Cynthia Kang

Sales Associate

DRE. 00896042
P. 415.871.5698

Skybox just completed the sale of my condo at the Metropolitan in Rincon Hill. Mr. Hwang’s advice and strategy, together with the flawless execution of his uber talented team leave me with zero hesitation to highly recommend Skybox Realty for your listing.

Metropolitan Owner

“The luxury high-rise condo market of San Francisco is highly specialized and requires unique experience and talent to navigate and perform in. Experience, talent, professionalism and integrity abound in realtor Paul Hwang, principal of Skybox Realty.”

Infinity Owner

“I am experienced in property transactions. This was my fifteenth in about 30 years. I am quick to pick up on being told what is perceived I want to hear to get my business. Mr. Hwang is a no nonsense straight shooter. He held fast to his assessment of my property and profoundly appreciated its unique attributes beyond that of yet another great luxury condo in the sky. Paul and his team were relentless in making my property show its best. Strong advice not to cut corners here. If you are not a professional interior designer, architectural photographer and marketer you will not do your best without these talents that Skybox exudes. Skybox achieved a record level sale for me because they were relentless at finding the discerning client who truly appreciated and desired the unique attributes of my property. Mr. Hwang is a steady hand tough negotiator with his finger on the pulse of this dynamic specialized real estate market.”

“If you want to transact in this unique property market, Skybox will get the best results possible for you!”

Joe K

“I hired Paul Hwang as the listing agent for my condo at the Infinity in SOMA. Paul is very knowledgeable about the SF real estate market and his professional advice throughout the process (everything from staging to contract negotiations) exceeded my expectations. Paul and his team were very responsive and treated me as if I was Skybox’s only client. It was apparent from my dealings with Paul that he had a genuine interest in identifying what my needs were for the transaction and then meeting them, rather than just making another commission check. In the end, Paul was able to sell my condo for an all-time record high price for a 2 bedroom unit within the building. I would recommend Paul Hwang and Skybox Realty for your real estate needs without hesitation and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Steve C

“Cynthia Kang is a very professional, thorough agent who is a pleasure to work with in every step of the real estate process. Cynthia found the perfect one bedroom unit for us at the Infinity that suited our requirements and needs. She was a great negotiator to get us the best price for the unit as well as satisfy other requirements of the transaction. Cynthia followed up on every step of the transaction as well as after we closed on the property. Cynthia and her team at Skybox Realty helped us to make some nice cosmetic repairs and find a tenant for the unit. She was always responsive, kind and helpful with any issue, no matter how big or small. We really appreciate Cynthia’s service and are happy to now call her a friend. We highly recommend Cynthia for any of your real estate needs.”

Emmanuil & Irene S

“I have sold many homes in my life and Paul Hwang is the best I’ve ever dealt with. His advice and responsiveness are unsurpassed. He kept me very informed after every showing (and I had many showings). I was delighted with my ultimate sale and how he handled the transaction. He went above and beyond in every way and his staff did the same creating great marketing brochures to help with my sale–even the sale of my furnishings. I would recommend Paul and his team without reservation.”

Becky C

“Paul is indisputably the most experienced broker (sell or buy-side) at the Infinity in San Francisco. And a very good, ballsy price-setter and negotiator. At the end of the day, a broker/salesperson is easy to rate– do they get the deal done on good terms– and so its easy to give Paul top marks everywhere.”

“Heather has helped me rent out and manage two of my apartments - she's very responsive, proactive, and great at managing my tenants. Highly recommend her! I travel a lot for work outside the US, but I know Heather is taking care of my apartments well even while I'm away.”

Jennifer C

“My experience with Paul is actually in two stints. When we weren’t able to sell my property one year, he was able to get it rented at a good price for a year, and listed it again on the same terms the following year. So he not only got full price in the end, it wasn’t a financial strain on me in the process.”

Steve K

“Paul goes above and beyond to perform for his clients. I chose Paul to represent me in selling my Infinity Sky Residence because I felt confident that he would achieve extraordinary results. Paul delivered and set a record sales price at the Infinity for my unit at $1819 per square feet. As a client, the journey is equally important as the end result. Paul was a true professional, always willing to lend a hand no matter how small the task. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone interested in selling or buying a home.”

Borja C

“I worked with Paul to sell and rent out a condo in South Beach. If you want to work with the absolute best, most knowledgeable and honest broker in San Francisco, you need to work with Paul. I have worked with him for years. From end-to-end he will always keep you informed, fight for you and make sure you get the absolute best deal. Paul is also a genuine, down to earth and fun person to be around.”

“I highly recommend him without any reservation to anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent in San Francisco.”

Dave A

“When I decided to start looking for a condo to buy in San Francisco, I didn’t know much about the market. After sitting down with Paul and describing what I thought I wanted (1 or 2 Bdrm, enough space to work from home if I need to, a view, and easy commute south to the valley), he was able to quickly give me the run down of all the relevant neighborhoods and where I could get a good deal. He is especially knowledgeable about the SOMA, South Beach, and Mission Bay Areas. We then went on a few tours of properties to get a better idea for what I liked and didn’t like. Once Paul got that assessment, he was excellent at prediction which units were worth visiting and which weren’t making the process very time efficient for me. In a few months, we found a perfect unit, and with Paul’s help, we were able to quickly close on an awesome deal (in just a couple days after first seeing the unit). He even helped me through some hiccups at the last minute with the loan financing, and made sure that everything worked out great. I am now happily living in my new 2Bd/2bth condo in South Beach, and Paul was able to find me such a good deal that I could turn around tomorrow and sell the place for a net profit.Definitely highly recommended.”

Connor M

“Paul is a true gem. My fiance and I have worked with many agents but have not met anyone as knowledgeable, patient and thorough as Paul. He truly cares about every client he works with! We got such a great deal on our new condo thanks to Paul’s negotiating power and networking skills. We are definitely using Paul again and recommending him to all our family members and friends.”

Terry L

“I am writing this review to express my strong support and admiration of Paul, one of the Bay Area’s top real estate professionals and hands-down the most knowledgeable and successful in the San Francisco condominium market. I feel privileged to write on behalf of Paul and would welcome the opportunity to speak about him at length. I am currently a partner at a large multi-national law firm and have bought, sold and rented many condominiums in San Francisco for the last 7 years. In my experience as an attorney and a real estate owner, I have encountered and worked with many talented real estate professionals over the years. But I have not met any who are as skilled, honest and well-rounded as Paul. Paul’s unique blend of skill, knowledge and work ethic is so unique that I have often described it with admiration to my friends and colleagues. I have recommended Paul to a number of my friends and colleagues–all of whom were blown away by his incredible service and personality. Everyone who I have recommended to Paul has thanked me extensively for the recommendation.”

“I could go on and on about how great Paul is, but let me just provide a few concrete examples of why he is the best in the business: (1) Business judgment and honesty: While representing me in the sale of one of my properties, Paul quickly and honestly advised me against selling my property even though it would have made him a large commission. This was due to the state of the market and through his honestly evaluation my own business situation. Paul’s advice was the right thing to do. When it became evident, he provided that advice immediately, without reservation, notwithstanding the fact that it was not in his own best interest. So instead of selling the place, he found me a rentor in less than 2 weeks–free of charge–and he promptly delivered a signed contract to me and 2 months rent up front. I literally had to do nothing. Amazing. (2) Connections: Paul is well-connected in all aspects of the industry. I was discussing a loan with him one time on a property that he did not even represent me on. When he heard the terms of the loan, he quickly advised me to contact a couple other individuals who he thought could beat the terms at the time. As a result of his referral, I got essentially the same loan but with nearly three-quarters of a point shaved off the rate. Unbelievable. Paul also is incredible at matching rentors with the type of property they need. (3) Customer service: Paul always goes the extra mile to serve his customers. Example – he let me and (a number of other clients) basically use his office as a free storage room. I have had furniture in there for the last 5 months. And whenever I need to grab anything, he’ll come to my building and drop off the key for me. (4) Personality: Although he’s very successful and correspondingly busy, Paul is just a cool guy to work with. From the first day I began working with him, I trusted him and it felt like I was working with a friend I knew for years. He’s the kind who is comfortable and credible in the office, but who you could also sit down over a drink and get solid, straightforward advice.”

David A

“Paul is hands-down the best broker in SOMA/South Beach. I have lived in SOMA/South Beach for the past 4 years, know the area well, and was looking to purchase a place here. I personally have done a lot of research and thought I could get a great deal myself. I found Paul and figured I would double-check with the guy who has done the most deals in SOMA/South Beach last year. Good thing I did, Paul took what I thought was a good deal and got me an amazing deal. My personal philosophy is you know whether you have made money or got a great deal the day you sign the contract. Paul has definitely done that for me. In fact, I have already recommended Paul to my business school friends who are also buying in SOMA/South Beach. Bottom-line: If you want great deals, contact Paul. You better hurry before my friends and I buy out the area.”

Peter W

“Thanks for the hookup Paul!”

Benjie M

“I’ve had several Realtors in the city, and I have to say that Paul is as good as it gets. I’ve recently purchased a condo in the city with Paul’s help after looking for about three years. After years of searching for my “ideal condo” and doing a lot of research I began to feel like an “expert” particularly because I’ve came across countless of Realtors who knew a lot less about the market and the units/buildings in the city than I did. And then I met Paul.
Not only did he know his stuff, he was straight to the point without any BS, and he was very skilled at negotiating the prices. He was always looking out for our best interest.? He discouraged us from making offers on higher priced properties, when he felt there was a better deal on a lower priced unit elsewhere. When I was looking for a mortgage after we found our place he went way out of his way to make sure we got the best rate. He constantly went above and beyond what you would expect from a Realtor.”

Robert K

“Paul is one of those rare agents who understands that the road to completing a transaction is all about helping the client find the right place. It is not just about price or speed, it is about what is “right” for the client. Quite frankly, there are a lot of agents who may be professional but how many agents genuinely care about protecting the client’s interest ahead of closing a deal just for the sake of closing a deal. This is the one nuance that is apparent when one first meets paul let alone a year or two into the process. It is about building a life long relationship over many transactions, not just one. Lastly, integrity is everything. There is not much that needs to be said about this guy’s level of honesty and frankness. It is simple as that and it is not shocking that he gets the referral base that he does.”


“I worked with Heather to rent out our condo twice now and could not recommend her enough. I interviewed five or so candidates and she was easily the best in terms of level of service, pricing, and personality. She's a gem!”


“Heather has rented out my condo multiple times, and she has always been great to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the market and I thoroughly rely on her for everything that is needed in leasing and maintaining my rental unit. She has always been excellent at recommending a very competitive price and getting it rented out very quickly. I trust her judgement in screening the potential tenants, and I have been very fortunate in always getting responsible and reliable tenants. I would highly recommend her without any reservations to anyone looking to rent out their condos.”

Robert K